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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Purchase Lesson with Tutor Geha-Lorraine

To purchase an Elinet PDF lesson, with tutoring from Geha-Lorraine, order Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced lessons online.

Request a FREE Trial Lesson / Assessment with Geha-Lorraine!

Book Videoconference Tutoring Session with Geha-Lorraine

To book a tutoring session with Geha-Lorraine, order online via the Video Conference-Based Lessons page.

Geha-Lorraine's Availability

I am available at the moment from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays and 10pm to midnight on Mondays. More hours will be added at a later date.

View Geha-Lorraine's availability schedule (PDF).

(GMT -6:00) Central - US / Canada / Mexico City

Type of Tutoring Offered

Different Elinet tutors offer different types of tutoring:

Via Telephone / Audio Via Email
Via Telephone / Audio Via Video Conferencing
Via Telephone / Audio Via Telephone / Audio

Find the tutor that best fits your needs and learning style!

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Meet Elinet's Tutors

Elinet Tutor Profile: Geha-Lorraine Sorger


Geha-Lorraine SorgerI am a fun-loving, yet serious, TESOL certified teacher who enjoys her work very much. Having owned and operated numerous businesses, I am able to help you with your presentations and company e-mails. One of my fortes is teaching the difference between English and American. Another is preparing you for your next job interview. Need social English? No problem there either. My vast travelling experiences will help you communicate with anyone.

Type of Tutoring Offered: Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio  

Qualifications / Tutoring Areas: Business, Customer Service, Medical, and General English

Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Years of Teaching Experience: 10

Certifications: Degree


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