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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Become an Elinet Tutor

If you are a certified ESL instructor or a graduate with a degree in English or French, and you are a native speaker of English or French, join our team today!

Type of Tutoring Offered

Different Elinet tutors offer different types of tutoring:

Via Telephone / Audio Via Email
Via Telephone / Audio Via Video Conferencing
Via Telephone / Audio Via Telephone / Audio

Find the tutor that best fits your needs and learning style!

Looking for French Tutors?

In addition to our English-language tutors, Elinet has certified, college or university educated French-speaking tutors.

Payment Options

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English or French Tutors Online via Skype - Online English or French Lessons Via Video Conferencing

Learn English or French Online at Elinet via Video Conferencing with a Private English or French Tutor

Learn to speak fluent English or French via video conferencing with our native English or French speakers – certified, college or university educated English or French instructors, in the comfort of your home or office. You can browse their profiles and availability below (click on a photo to view the full profile).

English Tutors | French Tutors | Spanish Tutors | Chinese Tutors

Japanese Tutors | Arabic Tutors | Russian Tutors | German Tutors

Portuguese Tutors | Korean Tutors | Italian Tutors | Czech Tutors

Farsi Tutors | Hebrew Tutors

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Tutor Profile
Qualifications / Tutoring Areas
Type of Tutoring Offered Photo
Laura Dulin I have a Masters degree in teaching ESL and seven years of teaching experience. I too have gone through the experience of learning a second language by learning Spanish. I can helpl you with all as...
Via Video Conferencing   Laura Dulin
Helen Dycha Helen Dycha received her degree in English from Buffalo State College. She has taught English as a Second Language for over 12 years, and tutored students from all age groups and areas of the world.
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Helen Dycha
Katy Edwards I specialize in teaching young learners right through to university age. I have been an ESL teacher for young learners for six years, both on- and off-line. I tutor for state exams, Cambridge exams...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Katy Edwards
Tricia Edwards I am TESL Certified, & ready & willing to converse with you! I'm a Doctor of Natural Medicine with a Degree in Mass Communications & Anthropology.I play professional Soccer, therefore I'm very acti...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Tricia Edwards
Deirdre English-Hayden Hi, I'm a native English speaker from Ireland. I have a degree in International Business and Languages from Dublin City University. I'm TEFL certified. I also worked as a drama facilitator. I love ...
Via Email   Deirdre English-Hayden
Nancy Etheridge I am a TEFL qualified British teacher with 20 years experience. I have successfully prepared students for Cambridge and IELTS and TESOL exams with a high success rate. I specifically use interactiv...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Nancy Etheridge
Pat Fanno Hi, I'm from San Diego,Calif with a Master's in Psychology and an advanced TEFL certificate.A very patient teacher,I study languages myself so I know what it's like to be a student.I love to be cre...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Pat Fanno
Ben Fehr I am from Ontario, Canada. I am TESOL certified. I will help you improve your English and with 10+ years experience in the class and tutoring, I believe I can help you become a better speaker. I my...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Ben Fehr
judith ferguson I have been teaching writing for more than twenty years. Twelve of those years were in Japan and two in Washington, DC. I teach all levels of writing, and will work with students, business peopl...
Via Email   judith ferguson
Johan Ferreira Johan realised his love for travel after traveling to the UK as a way to see a bit of the world. He has lived and worked in London for two years before traveling to Thailand an China, where he stud...
Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio   Johan Ferreira

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