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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Other Questions?

If you've consulted our FAQs and you still have unanswered questions or would like to make a comment, feel free to contact us via our online form.

Earn Your Canadian Certificate or Diploma

Earn Your Canadian Certificate or Diploma Without Leaving Home

Upon completion of Elinet's Basic, Intermediate or Advanced Certificate Programs, students receive an authentic Elinet Certificate. Upon completion of all three of our online non-credit programs (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Certificate Programs), graduates are awarded an Elinet Diploma, impressive proof of your English language skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Study EnglishRead below for some frequently asked questions concerning Elinet lessons and certificate programs, technical requirements and more.

How do I choose a tutor?

To choose a tutor, browse through our profiles of Elinet tutors. Click on the photo or name of any tutor to read their profiles and see when they are available to teach, as shown in their availability hours and PDF schedules. Depending on what kind of tutoring you are looking for, you can choose between tutoring by e-mail, by video conferencing, and by telephone / audio.

Via Email Via Email

Via Videoconferencing Via Videoconferencing

Via Telephone / Audio Via Telephone / Audio

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What are the technical requirements for studying English using Elinet's PDF lessons?

To study English by email using Elinet's web-based lessons / certificate programs, you will need:

  • a computer, high-speed Internet access and a personal email address
  • the Adobe Acrobat Reader web browser plug-in – all online Elinet lessons are offered as Portable Document Format (PDF) files
  • a headset with a microphone / speakers
  • Windows Media Player or any other MP3 audio player installed on your computer, to be able to listen to the sound files found in Elinet's Basic and Intermediate level lessons
  • a good English dictionary (Elinet language instruction is conducted entirely in English)

Please note: If you have QuickTime installed on your computer, QuickTime will play the audio but may prevent you from viewing the lessons (including free sample lessons). You may need to uninstall (or temporarily disable) QuickTime (Windows Media Player is recommended as it will both play the audio and allow the lesson content to be displayed).

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What are the technical requirements for studying English or French via video conferencing?

If you'd like to learn English or French via video conferencing, you will also need the following, in addition to the requirements listed above:

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Trial lessons: What are they for?

Trial lessons allow you to find out whether you might be interested in any of Elinet's complete Certificate Programs in English or English / French video conferencing lessons. You can order a trial lesson online from any of Elinet's three levels – Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced – or have a trial 20-30 minute video conferencing session organized for you.

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How long do I need to stay online to study at Elinet?

If you take the PDF-based English program, you will get access to Elinet's Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced online lessons for either 3 or 4 days, depending on whether you wish to study independently or with a tutor. You can log off and return to the Elinet website at any point to review your lessons within the 3 or 4 day period.

If you take the video conference-based English or French program, each session with an Elinet Tutor will last 45 minutes. At the end of each session you will log in to the Elinet website to confirm that your session has taken place. You will also be asked if you are satisfied with the quality of instruction.

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How can I listen to the MP3 audio dialogues in the web-based English lessons?

All dialogues, stories and lesson numbers have built-in audio components,as well as many conversational models, useful expressions and examples of English grammar.

To listen to the audio in the Basic and Intermediate PDF-based lessons, just click on any hyperlinked coloured text with your mouse (your mouse cursor icon will also change to the hand tool when you hover over any audio link). A speaker icon will also indicate if an audio sample is available.

Hand Tool Hand Tool

Speaker Icon Speaker Icon

You can listen to each audio sample as many times as needed to assist in your learning – simply click on the audio link again to hear the MP3 sample replay.

Tip: After listening to an audio sample, pause for 2-3 seconds before clicking on the next audio link to allow your audio player to reload.

Tip: Can't hear the audio? Make sure your speakers are turned on or wear your headphones.

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Some kind of image or watermark seems to be covering the PDF lesson. How do I remove it?

Some versions of Adobe Acrobat may cause an image or watermark to appear on the PDF. Try modifying the zoom level of the PDF to make the watermark disappear.

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The list of lessons / e-tests I purchased disappeared after I opened one of the lessons / e-tests. How do I access the list again?

Depending on your web browser and PDF reader, the web page listing your lessons may close after you open your PDF lesson or e-test. If this happens, simply go back to your email containing the Lesson Access Key, click on the link, and re-enter the Lesson Access Key.

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Can I buy your lessons on CD, on DVD or as a book?

We do not sell, license or distribute Elinet lessons on CD, on DVD or as textbooks. Elinet lessons are specifically designed as two-way online language learning tools; we believe that the best way to learn English is through constant interaction between students and native English-speaking Elinet tutors, who are there to correct mistakes and provide continual support and feedback.

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Are the Elinet lessons / certificate programs a credit program that I can use for entering a university or a college?

No – similar to other language schools in Canada, the Elinet program is a non-credit program. It is designed to improve verbal and written communication skills of English or French learners of any age and competency level, from zero-knowledge students starting from scratch, to those who just need a guiding hand on their path to perfect English or French to achieve their career, business or personal goals in life.

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Can you help me emigrate to Canada or find a job in Canada?

Elinet does not offer immigration or job placement services. We can however definitely help you improve your spoken and written English if you sign up for our online English language instructional program. Elinet can also effectively test your language skills online before you apply to a nearest Canadian embassy or consulate for an immigration, work or student visa.

For information on existing immigration and visa requirements for entering Canada, and to see if you qualify as a potential immigrant, visit the Canadian government website.

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How can I become an Elinet Tutor?

See Join Our Team for information on becoming an Elinet Tutor.

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How can I report a copyright violation of Elinet learning materials?

Anyone attempting to sell Elinet learning materials outside of the www.elinet.com website (e.g. as separate lessons, in printed form as textbooks, or on CD / DVD or via any electronic method such as email or website), whether as an independent merchant / tutor / instructor, any legal entity, or by anyone claiming to act on Elinet's behalf, is in violation of Elinet's copyright claim. Anyone emailing a copy or copies of Elinet lessons or other learning materials to any unauthorized individuals or legal entities requesting to obtain a copy or copies of any Elinet materials from any source by any means are in violation of Elinet's copyright claim.

All instances of copyright violation will be investigated and prosecuted under relevant legislation to the maximum penalty allowable under the law.

Copyright violations by companies and individuals can be reported by contacting us via our online form. Please help us fight copyright piracy – we reward all tips concerning copyright violations.

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