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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Clinton Singh

Clinton SinghMy name is Clinton and I am a qualified educator from South Africa. I have a B Ed Degree. I have alw... >>>

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"Highly Recommend Elinet"

I am taking French lessons via Skype with Emma Brochier as my tutor. She dived straight into the course and her friendly, fast paced attitude really appealed to me. Emma's classes are a good balance of speaking and learning grammatical rules. Emma went out of her way to create the best learning experience by providing a recording of the key points of each session so I could listen and practice in between lessons. I have really benefitted from this method of learning and I would highly recommend Elinet and Emma to others. I feel my language skills improved dramatically in a short space of time and it didn't break the bank either!

Emily Aldred
Essex, UK

"Elinet is a Great Way to Learn a Language"

I have taken French classes on Skype and I really find it is a great way to learn a language. Your teacher is a native speaker, and you can get private lessons in your home or your office.

The service on Elinet is very good, they always replied immediately. My teacher Emma Brochier was excellent and had her lessons always well prepared. Emma is really really good, she is a really good teacher.

Ricarda Büchel
Brussels, Belgium

"Very Satisfied with Elinet"

"I am very satisfied with Elinet's services so far. I have used Skype to improve my English speaking with a qualified teacher located in Argentina. It's worth the price to practice in the comfort of my home and at the time I decide! Moreover, I have had homework and feedback to study between my lessons. I would recommend it to any English student from anywhere in the world."

Carole Raymond
Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

"Strongly Recommend Elinet"

"I am a Year 12 student working through my Australian matriculation that includes French. I have been using Elinet services for several months now. The weekly one-hour online videoconferencing with a native Elinet French Tutor (Ms. Patricia Geneste) is invaluable in my journey through the intricacies of conversational French from the comfort zone of my study room. Now I do not waste much time to travel to French language tutoring venues.

I am very satisfied with Patricia's tutoring. She is a wonderful teacher. I strongly recommend Elinet services to all prospective French and English language students."

Francis Nowak
Victoria, Australia

PDF & MP3 Audio-Based Lessons

Learn English or French at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or office, by purchasing individual, one-on-one lessons on Skype / MSN Messenger, or sign up for one of our three certificate programs (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) to study English by email. Students can also choose to communicate with a personal English tutor by email to work on their exercises.

Listen, Repeat, Speak – It's That Easy!

Elinet's PDF and MP3 audio-based lessons contain a unique, innovative tool for studying English – clickable MP3 audio links covering all kinds of real-life situations. To hear dialogues, examples of grammar, popular conversational models and expressions, all you have to do is point and click.

By listening to Elinet audio materials, featuring native English-speaking professional Canadian voice actors, you will be constantly improving your understanding of modern English. By imitating the dialogues, you will master authentic English pronunciation and correct intonation, and build your active vocabulary power and communication skills.


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