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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Elinet - The English & French Language Institute on the Internet

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Purchase Lesson with Tutor Aaron

To purchase an Elinet PDF lesson, with tutoring from Aaron , order Basic, Intermediate, or Advanced lessons online.

Request a FREE Trial Lesson / Assessment with Aaron !

Book Videoconference Tutoring Session with Aaron

To book a tutoring session with Aaron , order online via the Video Conference-Based Lessons page.

Aaron 's Availability

I am presently working in Asia, so I am potentially available 8 to14 hours of each day/evening/weekend, depending where in the world you are. I have had students in the US, Russia, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, Spain, Korea, Dubai, Japan and Iran.

Aaron has not yet uploaded an availability schedule.

(GMT +8:00) - Beijing / Perth / Hong Kong

Type of Tutoring Offered

Different Elinet tutors offer different types of tutoring:

Via Telephone / Audio Via Email
Via Telephone / Audio Via Video Conferencing
Via Telephone / Audio Via Telephone / Audio

Find the tutor that best fits your needs and learning style!

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Meet Elinet's Tutors

Elinet Tutor Profile: Aaron Hurst


Aaron  HurstHi. I am a native English speaking (Canadian/British/American) educator, ESL instructor and consultant.I have 20 years experience working with many nationalities and enjoy teaching all levels, whether conversation, business or academic. Lets make learning English enjoyable!

Type of Tutoring Offered: Via Email  Via Video Conferencing  Via Telephone / Audio  

Qualifications / Tutoring Areas: all basic to advanced English, academic and business English, presentation skills, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS prep.

Location: Vancouver & Davao, Canada

Years of Teaching Experience: 20

Certifications: Degree


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